19 years ago, we started to provide pipeline engineering and supervision services as MECC Engineering. In parallel to the growing market volume in Turkey, we decided to continue our activities as MCG Mühendislik, Danışmanlık, Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ.
Depending on the project scope, we cooperate with domestic and foreign universities or consultants which are experts in their fields. Our core business is to design WWTP, CCPP and desalination marine pipelines, provide site supervision during installation and third party supervision during material production. 

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Sectors we provide service
• Power plant cooling water systems
• Waste water deep sea discharges
• Oil and natural gas pipelines

Project design

• Basic engineering studies
• Hydraulic calculation in order to verify the pipe diameter
• Diffuser hydraulic calculations
• Preparation of design and method statement reports
• Preparation of material specification
• Preparation of executive design
• Intake structure and diffuser design
Preparation of the project folder according to the circular of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning nr. B.09.0.ÇYG.0.15.05-010.06.02/1239 Wastewater / Deep Sea Discharge Plant Project Approval 

Marine Surveys

• Providing bathymetry, oceanography and hydrography studies according to the standards of “TURKISH NAVAL FORCES OFFICE OF NAVIGATION, HYDROGRAPHY AND OCEANOGRAPHY” and approval operations

Consultancy and site supervision

• Technical evaluation of the design of employer
• Evaluation of the material technical specifications
• Witnessing material production tests and reporting
• Evaluation of the subcontractor from technical point of view during the tender stage
• Evaluation of method statement, equipment and work program of the Subcontractor and reporting
• Preparation of the specification for the underwater supervision and supporting for the selection of the inspection company
• Periodical site visits during installation